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  • Advantages of SAP Solution in an Organization

Since its inception in 1972 SAP has grown to serve a majority of companies both big and small all around the world. The company which has its headquarters in Germany first started to offer services to large A type companies. Over time, however, they have evolved to provide technical and software solutions to SMEs. Today SAP is the number one provider of software solutions to businesses all around the globe. SAP has developed various modules for SMEs to focus on specific areas within the organization no matter how big or small it may be. So great is their influence that it has become a necessity for most companies to have an SAP expert to handle and maximize the benefits the company gets from SAP software solutions.


There are modules offered on various niches in the SAP systems. These modules are rather complicated and require experts; various niches need different professionals. For instance, one can choose to become an SAP Network Specialists, SAP Network Specialists, SAP Database Administrators and much more. Implementation of SAP can be very challenging and is a rather complicated process; it calls for staff training so as to harvest the big benefits that come with SAP software.

The HR department is one of the most important parts of the organization. The process of hiring, firing, promoting, demoting, compensation, designation, etc. can be a daunting task for even the most or skilled or talented managers. SAP HCM module helps with all this process and makes it easier for one to keep track of all the activities going on in the organization. SAP HCM is composed of various submodels each dealing with different functions in the HR department. There are sub-modules for personnel administration, payroll, time management, ESS and MSS, performance appraisal, organizational management and so on.

The SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Module is very handy when it comes to establishing profitable customer relationships and managing client needs. For the business to thrive it has to ensure that its customers or clients are satisfied and that there is a healthy cordial relationship between the client and the business. The module helps in making standards when interacting with the customers. It will also help drive loyalty, profitability and customer value across all departments in the organization.

When it comes to sales, the SAP Sales and Distribution is the perfect platform for an organization to assess and improve on their performance. This software can help the organization better manage its Customer Master and Material Master Data, Pricing, Billing, Deliveries, Sales Orders and many more. Sales is a large and complicated department in the organization and so requires some very powerful and efficient software for analysis and data management. There are thus many sub-modules in the SAP SD, they include; Pendulum List Indirect Sales, Billing, Credit Management, Foreign Trade, Master Data and many more. These sub modules are designed to make sales a fun and natural process within the organization.

Popularly known as SAP BI, SAP Business Intelligence helps the body in various procedures. The software extracts from different parts of the body and loading it to Data Warehouse area. With SAP BI you will be able to represent information in maps, charts and graphs that make analysis much easier. The SAP has proved itself in the industry providing some of the very best solutions for businesses to thrive.

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